The DepilConcept brand is the largest network in Poland, operating for 12 years on the global market. Currently, there are 153 salons, of which 51 are located in Poland. We have been operating for 6 years on the Wrocław market with an established position with a regular customer base.

We are specialists in the field of photodepilation (permanent reduction of unnecessary hair), photorejuvenation (stimulation of fibers responsible for youthful appearance) and phototherapy (acne treatment, closing capillaries, reduction of discolorations, removal of acne scars). We have advanced medical technology, and the treatments we offer are fast, painless, comfortable, year-round, without convalescence and effective – effects confirmed on thousands of satisfied women. Service quality provided in our salon is on the highest standards and the competitive price! ­čÖé

We have vouchers for new clients for photodepilation treatments for 10PLN or photorejuvenation treatments with a -50% discount.