Cindy Vintage is a Wroclaw store with hand-picked clothing and vintage tax supplements from 1960-1990. We are on Nadodrze.

Cindy Vintage is the memory of a childhood doll that wore pants and a jacket with pillows. Cindy Vintage is a mole of Cindy Crawford and a glow of varnish in Cyndi Lauper’s hair. It’s a bit Thelma a bit Louise. It’s Bonnie Tyler’s hoarseness . It is a prophecy of a wooden peg. It’s a dominatrix from Martin Gora’s breast. It’s Paul Young’s mullet. Cindy Vintage is finally Yazoo’s piercing look and reflection in Stevie Wonder’s glasses. Cindy Vintage combines the moonwalk and dance with Dave’s tripod in one. This is a collection of vintage memories. The best and still alive as a tear on Boy Georg’s cheek.

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