AnaGanda is a one-man Poznań brand created by me – Anna Majchrzak. The studio was created quite recently, because at the end of 2018, although I’ve been sewing for several years, but only now I decided to take care of sewing in real life and seriously 🙂

AnaGanda is a passion for travel, functional and aesthetic things. The idea, the name and all the initial origins of the venture were born during my annual bicycle trip to Japan and South Korea ( During such trips, the taste of freedom arouses creativity and ambition, so at least it was in my case.

It started with the kidneys, through their various sizes, backpacks, bags and bags for dog treats. Who knows where AnaGanda’s road leads …

I personally sew all products and make every effort and I care for all these things that they will not let you down.

In addition to the products that you can find on the website, there are also custom designs. You can always ask about the availability of other designs or the possibility of sewing your ideas. I invite you!
tel: 602582090