ADO motorworks…where the passion being.
The history of our company from its start is connected with only a high quality servicing and repair of motorcycles (also with the possibility to construct them from scratch). Motorcycles have always been our greatest passion, which we wanted to share with other people. This is how an idea for an incredible collection of RADO motorworks garment originated. With these clothes everyone can feel free and independent, both at work, while having a walk or during a workout at a gym.
And just like when constructing a motorcycle we carefully choose the parts, for each model of garment alike we have carefully chosen top-quality materials and unusual additions. The ideas for the projects were ours. Designing the collection, all the time we remembered about one thing: that the clothes are there not only because we want to look well in them, but also because we want to feel good.
The whole collection has been prepared and manufactured in Poland in its entirety. Our mission is sharing the emotions that accompany this passion, but not only with motorcyclists. Thanks to RADO motorworks now everyone can try these emotions, feel comfortable and distinguish himself/herself.