Hot Rod “Double Trouble” was born to a large extent from love and passion.

When the design was made in a backyard garage it was supposed to be a playground for children. However, over time, the project has gained such momentum and sympathy from the environment that I decided to share it with all of you.

It was made without any specific plan or project. There was only the assumption how to look more or less. However, it also changed in kaleidoscopy in subsequent stages of work. Any changes you make and once have given you the final shape and the final look you can see in the pictures.

The Hot Rod was built on a steel frame. The bodyshell is made of aluminum. The drive is powered by a diesel engine with a capacity of 50 cm3. We will also find a disc brake. Apart from a few things, almost everything was done by hand.

The car is 100% driving, twisting and braking what I give a lot of fun to kids and enjoys many adult eyes.