We were thinking for a long time to do something more.Something significant.Something big. We work as motorcycle mechanics, we ride motorcycles, we customize and repair them, we know a lot of motorcyclists. Motorcycles are our whole world.  

LAST RIDE URNS - Biker Urn Harley Davidson Motorcycle Cremation Funeral Memorial

 Three years ago I met my future wife who works in a funeral home. I heard a lot of human stories and decided to do something for our bikers community. I decided to combine our love for motorcycles with this very emotional matter which is the loss of a loved one. We combined our skills, a bit of artistic soul and love for motorcycles. That’s how our urns were created.We consider it as a mission in some way. Don’t treat us like another funeral company who wants to earn money on your tragedy. We do it as a tribute to bikers.  We want you to put our urn at home on the fireplace and feel that your loved one is still with you. At the same time, our urns don’t look like the standard ones. None of your guests needs to know what or who is inside.  Our jug urns are more like bigger ashes keepsakes, not as usual urns. The urns have about 1l capacity. You can let part of your loved ones stay at home with you. This is hard to talk about, but we should talk about it. If you have a wish to have 2-3l capacity cylinder urn, we can make it based on your requirements. We sincerely hope that our initiative will be appreciated, that you will like our idea and that it will make you feel better. It means a lot to us.  Our urns are made of genuine Harley Davidson parts , high quality exotic wood, epoxy resin, stainless steel studs and brass nuts.  We use only carefully selected, high quality materials. We don’t buy finished products. Every detail is made with care by hand. We cut, grind, drill, mill, paint, polish, etc… just like we do with motorcycles. It takes long days to make one piece. Each urn is unique and special. No two urns are the same. Do you know a better place for a motorcyclist to rest than Harley’s jug which also had its own story? That’s why we also made urns for ourselves. 

LAST RIDE URNS - Biker Urn Harley Davidson Cremation Motorcycle


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