We offer an alternative to smokers

Who are we?

So Fly – a well-known brand mainly in Poland. Forecasts indicate a large growth of the company on the international arena. Famous for its online and offline activities.
Individual approach, professionalism and commitment. And above all, faith in your actions resulted in enormous development. With your help, we create a great YouTube channel, while leading vapeshops to make life easier for you and us.

 Who are we for?

We are for people who share a common passion.

Why are we doing this?

Because it is our passion!

What do they say about us?

My first visit at a point in Świdnica (there was the first branch). I’m coming. Armin and Adrian behind the counter … Hello, to my surprise Armin throws the first joke, then Adrian tells a funny story, which happened to him in the then holiday. We exchanged views on various topics in a great atmosphere, the moments spent in the shop passed in the blink of an eye. For the first time I met with this approach to the client. After successful shopping, I knew that I would definitely visit this crazy duo! – Daniel Today? Several branches in Lower Silesia. One of the largest e-smoking channels in Poland. The huge community that makes So Fly is not just US.
So Fly is a meeting place.
A place where you can find something for yourself. Atmosphere and professional service at the highest level.