Tattoofest is a term that very quickly developed its new meaning. It’s primary task is to work hard on the development of Polish tattoo scene, promoting it abroad and keeping the highest tattoo standards constantly up. 

The first Project of Tattoofest was organizing a tattoo convention in Krakow. We started from having 30 studios from Poland to eventually in 2013 invite 150 studios from all over the world! 

To support this event we decided to start publishing a new Polish monthly – issued tattoo magazine. It’s a magazine that presents the best Polish and international artists. The standard of the photos and articles let us distinguish from the rest of similar European magazines because our only point of view is the artistic tattoo, we neglect subculture or commercial/tribal tattooing. We also try to promote a tattoo “lifestyle” which is hobby, fashion, inspirations connected with the world of contemporary tattoo. If you want to know what a modern tattooing is, find reports from many European conventions just read TattooFest. 

Another step made by us was the shop in which you can buy clothes connected with tattoo world, mostly designed by tattooists themselves. This way we’re trying to fill an empty gap in our market because till that moment all attempts from many people in this matter were unsuccessful. We want to give you a possibility to buy really unique clothes! 

Tattoofest is our life, our passion. 

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You can find our magazine in Empik, Ruch, Kolporter distributors all over the country and also in our editorial Office Szpitalna street 20 in Krakow. In Krakow you can find us at Szpitalna 20-22/s5