First of all Ventus Garage it’s the people! Buddies, totally absorbed in the magic of motorcycle customising. In our daily life most of the time we spend on working on projects and meetings with our friends, who feel and think like we do. Rallies and other motorcycle events are a great opportunity to exchange views and valuable experience. But we think that Ventus Garage represent something more… It is also about travelling to unknown places in search of freedom, captured on photographs and movies…

Our main goal is to give old motorcycles new fresh style. We specialize in Cafe Racers, Bobbers, Street Trackers and in Brat Style. Adding to each motorcycle our own ideas, we create our own and unique style. If you like our projects and want to have one, nothing easier – they are for sale. Also if you have your own motorcycle we can rebuild it by matching it to your style. Don’t hesitate to contact with us. Together we can build one of a kind motorcycle.

Remember, our aim is to provide best quality not only in our motorcycles projects. That’s why from 2015 we have started produce our own apparel collection which represent all values that we believe in. With special attention to details we launched a clothes line, that make everyone who wears it feels unique and special. Quality is a central topic, from initial idea to final product. It is our aim to always exceed our customers expectations on quality. For us, creating unique things to wear is like building motorcycles – we are always pay attention to the smallest detail, not forgetting the excellent quality.

On the site you will find all of this and way more, so you are welcome to visit us any time. All the time we are working on things, that triggers the heartbeat faster.

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